#unity3d #unity #gamedev #ue4 I stopped the development of this game because I was busy on several project in the crypto currency world. 6 Month after I want to resume the development.               Here how my game is looking after the upgrade to Unity 2017.3 To be honest I didn’t see it coming. I used to work in C++ on PC/Atari or console, and I never relied on something that would become obsolete in […]

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Elite buildings

Lot of things have been improved. I use a new terrain shader based on texture arrays, which allow me to have 16 textures at the speed of the normal Unity terrain, and water puddles easy to sync with rain for example. I also start working on the Buildings. Most of the buildings in the video are for the Elite members (the ones who are paying) another video will feature the normal buildings which are very different! Enjoy the video and […]

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