We are rebooting!

This is crazy times! I started this project 4 years ago with Unity, and stopped it when Unity broke the compatibility for their new rendering system. I worked in the crypto currency field, making some smart contract with Ethereum and then finally creating Kryptofranc with Jean Martial Lefranc in 2019. It is our own block chain based on Bitcoin of course, but which has its own unique characteristics. Now is the time were things are getting real. I have secured […]

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#unity3d #unity #gamedev #ue4 I stopped the development of this game because I was busy on several project in the crypto currency world. 6 Month after I want to resume the development.               Here how my game is looking after the upgrade to Unity 2017.3 To be honest I didn’t see it coming. I used to work in C++ on PC/Atari or console, and I never relied on something that would become obsolete in […]

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Stage 1 Completed

Here we are, the Milestone 1 is released. I am so excited to move to the next stage which will feature the NPC characters, dialog system, the weapon system and the main buildings. What is included in this demo? You get 1 terrain ( the game features 17) with a lake and some basic power buildings and antenna but is mainly: the jungle! The environment is a very important part of the game. You can change the time with a slider […]

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What about the name?

My first idea was Liberty City, because it is exactly what the name means. Helas, too many people have done things with this name and it would not be possible to find it on the web because too generic. Then I though, “since it will be heavily inspired by the city of Pattaya, I should call it something like Yattapa”. My first research for a logo convinced me that it was a bad idea. Then slowly I though “I waited so […]

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Welcome, introduction

Welcome to this blog where i will post my long journey into making a video game. You may think, “this guy is doing his first video game, nah! Another dreamer!” In reality, this will not be my first, but I haven’t made a video game for +20 years, and so it is something I have thought and prepared for a long time. I had a carrier in the video game industry  in the 80/90’s where I published several small games […]

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