Conversion to UE4

I have made this video to show the workflow I am using to convert Unity’s asset to Unreal. This includes using Bitmap 2 Material, generating collision and changing the LOD. The link to the master material I use that is compatible Unity PBR is in the Video description:  

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#unity3d #unity #gamedev #ue4 I stopped the development of this game because I was busy on several project in the crypto currency world. 6 Month after I want to resume the development.               Here how my game is looking after the upgrade to Unity 2017.3 To be honest I didn’t see it coming. I used to work in C++ on PC/Atari or console, and I never relied on something that would become obsolete in […]

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WOK will have many beaches… not really places for stay, because it is not safe when it is raining, so there will not be house to rent there, but beautiful and also interesting to discover, each will have some NPC or some secret to find. It took me about 2 hours to do these 4 beaches, thanks to the procedural help, so that I do not have to handle the nature side. I had to find a triplanar top down […]

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I have worked one night to record this Theme, but I was building it in my brain for at least 3 months. I found the main melody a while ago and it was sticking in my brain. I just needed a night to record it. I use Cubase (the version 5.1.1, because my Dongle stopped working and I have no choice than using a pirated version, even if I purchased it!), thanks Steinberg! I am on PC. The main source […]

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Looking for the best / fastest water There are so many water assets at the asset store and outside, that it is difficult to find the right one without testing them. That is what I have done and here is the result of my tests. Unity Water 4 Unity water comes included with Unity and has a decent look, is handling the shore automatically. The only problem is that I found it very slow, actually slower than Playway which is by […]

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Introduction I have spent the last 4 days trying my best to use MegaSplat in my project and I have given up when I realized the huge trade off this technology is asking. What is making me upset is that the author is carefully hiding these problems trying to sell his product has a miracle terrain shader that can handle 256 textures faster than Unity. Plus he is adding like a carpet seller a lot of bonuses, like puddles, tessellation, […]

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